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Angwin, CA 94508
United States

Foe Paws is a small T-shirt brand based out of the SF Bay Area in Northern California. Photographer/Designer/Artist Brian Kyle is the one-man band behind the scenes.

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Foe Paws x Public Domain Clothing - Earth-Rise Tee

Brian Kyle



I'm excited to announce a new shirt available in collaboration with Public Domain Clothing. I designed this shirt for Public Domain Clothing a few years ago and its been sold out everywhere since. "Earth-Rise" is now available and in-stock for ordering through the Shop.




This is the original and authentic design that Brian created for Public Domain Clothing. It was immensely popular before becoming unavailable shortly after its release. We are making it available again as a collaboration between Public Domain Clothing and Foe Paws Apparel. 


Perfect for anyone who likes: Skulls, Astronauts, Space, The Moon, The Earth, NASA, illusions, shirts, or just about anything else.

Design is printed with Impossibly soft discharge ink that literally bleaches the design into the fibers of the shirt.