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Angwin, CA 94508
United States

Foe Paws is a small T-shirt brand based out of the SF Bay Area in Northern California. Photographer/Designer/Artist Brian Kyle is the one-man band behind the scenes.



Relevant information about Foe Paws Apparel.


Foe Paws Apparel was started by artist/designer/photographer/art educator Brian Kyle in 2007. Foe Paws is Brian's personal project and function like a one-man-band. Brian created Foe Paws because he loves making and wearing t-shirts, and he thinks that you would love wearing his shirts also. 

Artist Bio

Brian Kyle lives just north of the San Francisco Bay area with his wife and two kids. Designing and printing t-shirts is a hobby and side-business alongside his jobs as a photography instructor, photographer and graphic designer. Previously, Brian worked full-time as a t-shirt designer in San Diego, California, creating thousands of graphics over a six year span. Brian's t-shirt graphics have been sold to Disney, Universal Studios, NBC, Showtime, HBO, Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Delias, and many more.

Brian also enjoys: cycling, playing music on various instruments, cooking, roasting and drinking coffee/espresso, building things, fixing things & breaking things.

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If you are interested in viewing Brian's photography check out his photography page on the web at: or on Facebook at: Brian Kyle Makes Me Smile